This Jacket is Bomb


If you know me at all, you know that I have really eclectic taste. I'm definitely a huge fan of boho-style, but on occasion I love to try out different looks, styles and trends. And one trend that really caught my eye was the bomber jacket. Let’s be honest, the bomber is big right now (and has been for a little while) and there are so many options out there (oversized, cropped, simple, embroidered etc), I actually had a hard time choosing! But when I came across this gorgeous bomber on, I was hooked. And I’m so glad it’s hanging in my closet as we speak....This jacket is bomber perfection. Here are just a few reasons I love it (among many): 

  1. The fabric (Such a pretty black satin)
  2. The embroidered details (on both front and back - love fun details....they really make the design, don't you think?)
  3. The fit (ordered a M and it fits really well)
  4. The endless options for styling (I styled it two ways in photos but I could have gone on and on...)
  5. The comfort (so easy to wear and feels great on)

Bottom line: This is such a fun piece and (referencing point #4) is so easy to style and can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. I styled with both black palazzo pants for a dressier look and with a suede skirt for a more casual day look. But the fact is that I could have styled so many other ways too (and definitely will)....With jeans and ankle books, with a simple black casual dress and sneakers....The options really are endless. And as someone who gravitates to pieces with color and interest rather than a lot of basics, I love the details and embroidery on this jacket. It takes a basic piece up a notch if you ask me. 

So if it’s not obvious yet, I LOVE this jacket (and you’re likely to see me in it a lot)! I would highly recommend it and have linked it here:

Here are a few other similar options that you can also find at

Another embroidered one I really like:

A basic option (available in a couple of colors - I love the olive):

And a leather version:

(On a side note, I’m really happy with the quality of the Dezzal products I’ve received which is always a bonus since you don’t always know what you’re going to get when you order online. And even better, their after-sale service is awesome in my experience! I only have good things to say about my order and Dezzal's customer service....Would definitely recommend.)

So are you all on the bomber bandwagon?? Would love to hear! 

Wishing you a totally “bomb” week!