Candy & Costumes - Tees That Are Total Treats

Wanna know what I like best about Halloween? That’s easy....the candy. It’s like a smorgasbord of sugar and an excuse to eat all your favorite sweet treats for like a week before and sometimes many weeks after (if you have kids like I do, you totally sneak candy out of their stashes with the excuse that they really don’t need that much sugar). Yep, with a sweet tooth like mine, that’s definitely the highlight of the whole holiday. 

I used to love dressing up too but not gonna lie, lately I’ve just gotten lazy. Plus I’d rather save the money for must-have clothes and shoes that I can wear for more than just one day (anyone else feel like Halloween costumes can just get really crazy expensive??). So all that to say, I want something easy and affordable but still cute and festive. After all, I’m still running errands and volunteering in my kid’s classrooms for Halloween parties and I don’t want to be a total Scrooge (or whatever the Halloween equivalent is).  So when I came across these super-cute Halloween-ish graphic tees, I had to have both! 

I actually discovered this “My Other Shirt is a Costume” tee through Instagram from one of my fave local Denver boutiques, Paige Boutique on Pearl ( It’s made by a company called The Laundry Room and in checking out their site at, they have lots of really cute graphic tees (might have to order a couple more!). Paige had a great selection of Halloween tees but this was my fave mainly because it was super soft and comfy and a great basic in black & white. Plus, knowing I wasn’t going to be dressing up, it was the perfect statement for around $50. For pics, I paired it with distressed denim, metallic rose gold Converse, a quilted-sleeve olive bomber jacket that I picked up at H&M and mirrored Quay sunnies. I did actually wear it as well to a Denver Style Magazine party where costumes were encouraged and got lots of compliments on it! For that event I paired it with black raw-hem denim, the same olive bomber, leopard ankle boots and a cute top-knot hairstyle. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my go-to shirt for costume parties from now on.

The second tee I came across by happy accident. I was making one of my pretty much weekly trips to Nordstrom Rack (or just The Rack as I affectionately refer to it) and it was hanging there front and center and just spoke to me. It basically said “You have to have me!” I mean, when you are a pizza-lover who has basically been living on licorice, candy corn and chocolate for the last week, it's like a no-brainer, especially for around $35. So I snatched it up and have already worn it multiple times. For pics I paired it with my fave distressed boyfriend jeans from Nordstrom (the brand is edyson and I picked them up a couple of years ago - I had a few people ask when I posted the original IG pic), the same rose gold Converse and of course had to have some licorice props (which I promptly devoured). This tee was also perfect for my trip to the pumpkin patch with my bestie and our kids this past week. 

So now I have two awesome Halloween tees that I’ll be breaking out every year (and probably lots of times in between too). And if you are in Denver and haven't checked out Paige Boutique, you need to....such beautiful, on-trend pieces, a cute atmosphere and the owner, Paige, and the other girls who work there are so nice (and really stylish too!). And of course, Nordstrom Rack always has amazing finds....I frequent the Cherry Creek location and pretty much always come away with something, Do you have favorite go-to tees, candy or costumes? Would love to hear! Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween weekend!






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