The Sweetest Sweater

When it comes to prints, I’m really drawn to the fun, quirky ones....and you can’t get much more fun than pineapples, right?? So when I saw this cute pineapple-embroidered sweater on, I immediately started thinking about ways to wear it (and that it really needed to be mine).

But even beyond the embroidered details, I loved the cropped length, the interesting shape of the sleeves and the fact that it looked heavy, warm and comfy. And I wasn’t disappointed! When I received it, it was just like in the pic - a cozy heavy-weight knit, good cropped length (perfect for high-waisted pants or denim) with cool sleeves and ultra-fun embroidered details. 

I had lots of ideas when it came to styling, so I actually styled three ways....First I settled on a casual look that includes my fave distressed AG jeans and leopard print slip-on sneakers, then wanted to do a couple of dressier looks so I paired it with both my easy p&p black palazzo pants and heels and also with an awesome faux leather fringe skirt that I picked up at Target last year and Lamb multi-strap mary-janes. But you could also pair so many other ways, like with a mini skirt and over-the-knee boots or leather pants and heels for really edgy, chic style. 

And again, you really can’t beat a $35 price tag for a chunky embroidered sweater, can you? I’ve linked it here (in case you need some pineapples in your closet):

And here are a couple of other fun embroidered options if you’re on board with this trend like I am: (I have these jeans and love ‘em) (mini dress that would look amazing with over-the-knee boots and a choker) (pretty kimono style...totally up my alley)

I just love how unique prints and embroidered details can take something basic like a sweater or a pair of jeans and really make them a standout. Plus pineapples just make me ‘bout you?

And I can’t talk about pineapple without reminding you to be a pineapple this week.....Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside:) And have an amazing week!



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