Jumping for Jumpsuit Joy

I love putting an outfit together. There's just something really creative about styling a look. Picking between tops, pants, skirts, jackets.....mixing textures, patterns, styles.....adding shoes, hats and other accessories....it's an artistic endeavor and a favorite of mine (right up there with fabric shopping). But I can't lie, sometimes I get a little lazy, just wanna be comfy and don't really want to think about putting too many pieces together....and you know what's perfect for that kind of lazy-style? That's right....a jumpsuit! Anyone else just love the ease (and comfort) of a one-piece outfit?? Of course, when I find a jumpsuit that feels like pajamas (and one that my hubs actually thinks looks like 'em too), I'm hooked....and I buy it in two colors.

Enter this NYTT number. Extra super soft (and with pockets too!), this jumpsuit is my go-to for easy, ultra-comfy style. And since I have it in both black and gray, I've got two perfect lazy-day outfits! (On a side note, I got the black at Lady Jones, http://www.ladyjonesdenver.com/, and the gray at Paige Boutique, http://paigeboutique.net/, both here in Denver.) Of course, the great thing about this piece is that while it's perfect for lounging around, it can also be styled and dressed up as well. And you can wear it alone or layer it (if you're feeling up to it) like I did here with a fitted neutral top (also from Lady Jones) and faux fur jacket (this one's from Zara, but I've linked a similar version here) or even a denim jacket with fun pins (got this jacket at Anthropologie a couple of years ago and the pins at Forever 21 recently). Then just add a fedora to cover up that lazy unwashed hair, throw on an amazing necklace (like this bolo from Erin Semel, http://www.erinsemeldesign.com/) or a simple braided choker and you're good to go.

As far as sizing, this jumpsuit is meant to be a comfy and not super-fitted fit, but it really depends on how you want it to fall on the body. NYTT sizing is 1,2,3,4 (XS-L) and I actually went with an 1 in the gray and a 2 in the black and I don't see a huge difference in the fit, both are roomy enough and comfortable. It is a super soft and fairly lightweight stretchy fabric so I do recommend wearing neutral undergarments. Oh and I can't forget to mention that I've linked the black version above and it's one sale (like 30% off!) and you can also shop this post below:)

Do you all have any super easy pieces you love to wear? What's your comfy, lazy-day style? Would love to hear! Have an amazing week!




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