For the Love of Leggings...


Ah, the ongoing debate: Leggings as pants...Are they or aren’t they? Personally I belong to the camp that says, “Don’t let anyone tell you that leggings aren’t pants. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.” I’m a true believer in the legging culture (and a sucker for comfort) so most days you’ll find me in a pair of these stretchy, oh-so-comfy (yet oh-so-polarizing) pieces of apparel. And I love that the whole idea of wearing leggings out after a workout is now called “studio-to-street” or “athleisure”....Makes it sound a lot more chic, am I right? But honestly, with the type of workout wear that’s available now, you can seriously throw on a stylin’ jacket and a cute pair of tennies or boots and you’re coffee-date ready.

It really comes down to comfort, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest, there are few apparel items more comfortable than a pair of leggings. And while there are still lots of people out there who believe that fashion should solely look good (regardless of how it feels), I think the tides are slowly changing and bringing in lots of others who have come to realize that style can both look good and feel great (and this goes for so much more than leggings). I’m definitely of that persuasion. Whether I’m in leggings or jeans or a dress (or any other fashion item), it’s gotta be both cute and comfy or it's left in a pile on the closet floor.

Comfort is absolutely huge to me. The way a fabric feels on the skin, the way the cut of a piece fits the body, those are my main concerns when designing anything. Of course I love a great print and fun design elements, but if the feel and fit aren’t great, the idea is scrapped. That’s why I love leggings so much (and p&p leggings in particular)’s all about comfort. Not only is the fabric amazingly soft (no lie, you just want to touch it all day), but if you ask me, the fit is great too. No waistband cutting into the waist (but enough elastic that it stays up and doesn’t stretch out), a good length for many body types and a fabric that holds it shape....The perfect combo in my humble opinion. (In fairness, I wear other brands too....just not as often.)

Plus there are so many fun varieties of leggings (and workout wear in general) out there now....Awesome prints, mesh inserts and cut-outs (to name a few) make leggings so much more interesting and fashion-forward than they used to be. Of course, there are probably occasions where leggings aren’t appropriate (think wedding guest or black tie event....okay and maybe a few others)....But as far as my daily mom-wear, I think I’m good:)

Who knew I could write a whole post on leggings?? So how do you feel about leggings as pants? Do you think they can be a fashion statement? Would love to hear! 

Wishing you a week that’s easy, comfy and cute (pretty much like leggings)!