Becoming a Goal-Digger

It's a new year and I'm late to the party in writing a post about my goals and resolutions for 2017....In all honesty, I wasn't planning to write such a post at all but then I got to thinking that maybe if I wrote something down (really more for my own sake than yours), it would inspire me to actually stick to some goals and make some changes. So ta-da, that's what I'm doing!

I should start by saying that I'm not much of a resolution-maker. I don't make them because I inevitably don't keep them. But I am a thinker and a list-maker and I definitely want to implement some changes in my life and my interactions in the coming 365 days. So this year I decided to make a list of goals, rather than the dreaded "resolutions." So here are my big five (in no particular order):

1. To be off-line more. This means not spending so much time on my phone and computer (I'm not gonna lie, this hasn't been working so well for me the past few days, but I'm giving myself a little pass because the kids have been off of school, the weather's been cold and snowy and we've had a lot of lazy indoor days). Bottom line though is that I want to be more present, interact with my friends and family more and not worry about "likes", comments, and the happy and perfect (but likely not totally realistic) lives we all portray on social media (come on, we all do it right?). I want to have real connections and relationships that are personal, truly meaningful and lasting. (Ps. That's not to say that you can't make friends or develop real relationships through social media, in fact I've actually met a few great friends that way, but then we spend time together in person as well to develop those deeper and lasting connections.)

2. To figure out where I want to go with peach & pepper.  Those who know me well know that I've been struggling with this for a while now. As much as I love designing (and I really do!), running a business is hard and if I'm honest, it's not my strong suit. I love to create, but have a hard time thinking realistically about costs, pricing, assertive selling techniques etc. Plus, I really want to keep my production small and made in Colorado, but that means costs to make and prices to sell are higher and it's really hard to compete with bigger brands who make things more cheaply. And on the flip side, I am also loving blogging, but I don't really know if that's what people want to see from me. The truth is that I love fashion, love styling, love creating and would love to make a thriving business of it in one way or another but I'm unsure as to what that looks like at present. So my goal is to try and get things just a little figured out in the coming year. And if you have any input, let me know! I'd love to hear what you'd like to see from me:)

3. To love and accept myself more. Again those who know me personally know that I struggle with a lack of confidence in many areas. I know, I know, you think that as you get older you outgrow those insecurities but unfortunately sometimes that doesn't happen (or at least not as quickly as you hope). And I've always been a perfectionist so I really struggle when I don't see myself, my actions, my creations or my attempts at something as perfect. And when it comes to looking in the mirror, getting older is especially hard for a perfectionist! I'm coming up on a big milestone birthday in just a couple of weeks and I can't lie, I'm less than ecstatic about it.  BUT I'm really trying to look on the bright side, accept myself (and my age) more, give myself grace when necessary, not compare myself to others, recognize and embrace my strengths and work on the things that challenge me. It's a process but one that I'm committed to working on in the coming year.

4. To be intentional. I had a friend recently say that she doesn't make resolutions but that this year she was choosing a word for 2017 and that word was "intentional." And I loved that (so I totally copied it! Thanks Shanell!). This was especially meaningful to me because my husband has been talking about this a lot recently... about how we need to be more intentional with how we parent our kids, how we spend money and how we live our lives in general. And I couldn't agree more. As a creative type, I am not much of a long-term planner. I tend to do the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing really well. This is probably in some part why I struggle with running a business (although there are plenty of artistic business owners who do just fine), why I don't often like to commit to things and why I often feel emotionally off-balance. So I'm going to put more thought and intent into all aspects of my life. And speaking of, I also want to be intentional about what I post and what I blog about so again if there are things you'd like to see from me, please let me know! I'd absolutely love to hear!

5. To be more service-oriented.  If I'm truly honest, I'll tell you that I can be very selfish....with my time, my resources and my conversations (on that note, I am so grateful for amazing friends who listen to me whine, complain, get excited, talk too much and love me all know who you are!). But I want to change that this year. I want to be more generous with my time, from volunteering at my kids' school to church activities to community outreach as well as with my money. And I want to listen more, make conversations less about me and more about others. Because that always feels better anyway.

So yes, this year my plan is to be a goal-digger. And I might need some accountability so if you see me slacking on one (or more) of these, feel free to let me know:)

Do you all have goals, resolutions, changes you're making for 2017? If so, I'd love for you to share! We're all in this life thing together right?

Wishing you all an amazing week (and year)!



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