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Style is a very personal thing. I've said it before, but I truly feel that style is an art form, a way to express yourself and your feelings, emotions and personality to the world. And jewelry is a big part of that. The way we accessorize and the jewelry we wear can have an impact on us personally as well as those around us. From a bold statement earring to a wedding ring, a stack of handmade bracelets to a dainty everyday necklace, I think they all express something about who we are and what's important to us. And because I believe this and do love jewelry with meaning, I was absolutely honored and thrilled when Kellie Stonger of Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry asked me to collaborate with her to promote her brand new line and Core Collection.

In learning more about Kellie, I discovered that it was her desire to create a line that had meaning beyond being just a pretty piece to wear around your neck. Her "Core Collection" was actually born out of the concept that we should each stay true to ourselves and who we truly are at our core.

She uses the shape of the pendants; sharp on one side and smooth on the other, to represent the extremes of life, and the gold exterior of her pieces symbolizes how we as human beings protect ourselves from the outside world to keep the most precious part of ourselves safe (our core beings, represented by diamonds).

Kellie designed her Core Collection while living in Europe. She had left everything that felt safe and familiar to move to Poland and then London, so the creation of this collection is very personal to her. She'll tell you that the purpose of the collection is to let the wearer carry his or her core values with them at all times, embodied in a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be passed down to the next generation.

And Kellie's passion and the meaning behind her pieces was so obvious and inspiring, it made me stop and think about what is meaningful to me and who I am at the core. I think in this social media age, it's so easy to hide behind lots of layers, putting forth your "highlight reel," only showing the pretty stuff, the best views and images, the parts of ourselves we most want people to see. I think that's just become the norm and I know I'm often guilty of it (I mean, do people really want to see when my hubs and I have a fight or when I'm yelling at my kids? Because that definitely happens more often than I'd like to admit...but it's not the stuff I'm proud of and want to put out there for the world to see).  Often it's too easy to overlook the hard stuff that got us to where we are or made us the person we've become. And I personally don't always love to talk about that.

But in thinking about this collection and the piece Kellie custom made specifically for me, it brought up a personal struggle in my life, a challenge I had to overcome and the strength it took to do that. I won't get into all the details right now, but what I can tell you is that for years I felt really weak and kind of helpless to change. But now looking back, with God's help and the support of my family, I was able to overcome it and now feel incredibly blessed as a result. And because of this challenge, I discovered I am way stronger than I ever thought. So for me, this Core necklace reminds me that underneath it all, I am strong, brilliant and beautiful, just like the little diamonds on the inside of this gorgeous piece. And the truth is, so are you.

So now I get the privilege of wearing this reminder around my neck (in the form of the prettiest necklace) and I seriously love it! Kellie's designs are not only meaningful, they are beautiful and so versatile.....perfect with both casual day wear or dressier night looks. Mine is going to be on repeat a lot! And speaking of ways to wear, I actually chose to style this necklace with a day-to-night look, featuring this fun silk star tank from new Denver boutique Bazar (located in the Highlands at 2525 15th Street 1C, Denver). For the day version, I wore the necklace alone paired with this Equipment star tank, high-waisted black denim, white ankle boots (such a fun trend this season!) and a cozy patent-effect bomber with a fur collar. This is the type of outfit I'd wear to a meeting at my kids' schools, to a coffee or lunch date or just to run errands, do a little shopping etc. Comfy and easy but still fun and stylish. Then to take this necklace and tank from day-to-night, I swapped out the jeans for a gold pleated velvet skirt that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack, my new go-to sock booties (from Target) and a fun Charming Charlie cross-body. And to take the glam factor up even a little more, I layered a black diamond necklace with Kellie's design and I have to say, I love them together! I'd wear this night look out to a happy hour with the girls, a date night with the hubby or a blogger event. Gotta say that this necklace is seriously so easy to dress up or down, wear alone or layer.

Kellie's Core Collection necklaces offer lots of options so you can actually customize one for yourself (or as a gift....tell the hubs, hint hint.). Options for the metal include rose gold, yellow gold, silver and blackened silver, any of these with or without diamonds. You can also choose between a 16'' or 18" chain as well as the longer "scarf" version with two pendants like mine. Pendants can be XS (30mm in length) or the regular half core necklace like the one I'm wearing (60mm in length)....So lots of ways to make your piece your own. 

And the really exciting thing is that Kellie recently launched her website, https://www.kelliestonger.com/ where you can see and order more of her amazing designs! PLUS she will be hosting a preview party on Thursday, November 16, from 6-9pm where you can meet her in person, browse her collection and get a special discount! Just email kellie@kelliestonger.com if you’d like to attend the preview event. And from now through December 1, 2017, she is offering 10% off all orders, which will be ready in time for Christmas delivery....and I'm telling you, I'd love to open up one of these beauties on Christmas morning! And since the holiday savings ends on December 1st, you can use this link, https://www.kelliestonger.com/discount/P&P10, for 10% off anytime (and it doesn't expire!)!

Bottom line is that you need to check out Kellie's designs by visiting her website (linked again here) or by coming to her preview event.....I'll be there and I'd love to see you!



*This post was sponsored by Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry, but all opinions are honest and 100% mine alone. I've also included pics to show how I would style this necklace as well as close up images provided by Kellie Stonger.