Site-love with Squarespace

Let's start with a little brutal honesty....I am not the least bit tech-savvy. In fact, I think my kids (9 and 11) are both probably way more educated in the world of technology than I am. My 6th-grade daughter can in fact do a little coding and has created some of her own video games. So all that to say, when I decided to start this blog, it wasn't the styling outfits or writing that scared me....I actually have a journalism degree and love to get thoughts down on paper (virtual or otherwise), it was the actual site-creation, tech, and behind-the-scenes stuff that was super daunting.

Probably didn't help that my first foray into creating a blog was with a popular blog-hosting platform that did little to ease my mind as far as having the potential for me to easily and successfully create my website (It shall remain nameless and lots of people use and like it, but it just wasn't for me.). From the very beginning, I personally found it really complicated and confusing and hard to even begin building a site. (Again,  I admit I'm tech-challenged and need something that is super simple and self-explanatory and this wasn't it.)

That's when I found Squarespace. Right off the bat, I was able to figure out how to navigate their site, browse and choose from a variety of great-looking, business-specific templates and start easily uploading photos and writing copy to build my site. (I specifically searched their blog template options and found a number of pretty and professional-looking choices...but there were options for retail stores, restaurants and other businesses as well.) And with the tech part being so easy, I was free to focus on writing posts, styling looks, taking photos (all the parts of blogging I really enjoy!) rather than worrying about the behind-the-scenes stuff.

And, recently, when I decided I wanted to change the look of my site to incorporate more white space and have a fresher, brighter feel, all I had to do was change templates within the Squarespace platform. Most of my content just transferred over and I was able to add some as well. Not gonna lie, it did take me a little time to perfect my site in the new template, but as a whole it was simple and I'm really happy with the result. And the things I specifically love about my current template (called "Rally") are the fact that I can separate posts into different categories for easier searching (for instance "fashion posts" and "lifestyle posts") and I can also feature a "spotlight" post if there is really one that I want people to notice and stop to read. And finally I love that the design looks clean and uncluttered because of the additional white space and allows the posts and images to stand out.

So long story short, I have been truly happy with Squarespace and all they offer in terms of building a small-biz site....ease of use, lots of template options and pretty aesthetics being at the top of my list. Oh and even though it is super easy to navigate and create on this platform, it still looks very professional (basically it's way easier than it looks). I have also been very happy with their trouble-shooting help and found contacting them about any issues super easy and was impressed by their quick response. In fact, I just emailed them this weekend (during non-business hours) and received an email back with the hour with a response to my question and explanation of how I would solve the issue I was having. So if you're thinking about starting a blog (or any other business that relies on having a pretty, simple-to-use site), Squarespace has my personal seal of non-techie approval. You can view their site here and their IG page here.  PLUS, if you do want to try it out and start building your own site on the Squarespace platform, feel free to use my discount code PEACHANDPEPPER for 10% off your order!



PS. Outfit details: This adorable one-shoulder ruffled sweater is designed and sold by my friend Dana of Never A Wallflower.....check out her site and her line here. The camera purse is from Charming Charlie and the cute star kicks were a Nordstrom Rack find.


* This post was sponsored by Squarespace, but all content is original and all opinions are 100% honest and mine alone.