These Boots Were Made for Wearing (So Many Ways) - How to Style White Boots

White boots. Two words that strike fear into the style-loving hearts of so many…..just kidding, but seriously I think there are just lots of people who can’t see themselves rocking the white boot thing or just aren’t sure how to wear them….am I right? I, for one, am all over this trend much to my husband’s chagrin. Yes, he hates them….I mean really hates them. He actually asked me never to wear white boots out in public with him (and the only time I was allowed was to an 80’s party…..).

But, although the hubs isn’t a fan, I really am. Plus, I’m a big believer in “If you like it, wear it” and I like white boots (A LOT….I may or may not have three pairs….). So I’m going to go ahead and wear them (all of them) and I wanted to share with you a few different ways to style white boots in case you love the idea, but aren’t exactly sure how to incorporate them into your wardrobe and daily looks.

But before I get to the styling, let’s talk about a few different versions of white boots (I’m gonna show you two different styles in this post). First, there’s the heeled version….mine are actually a kitten heel white bootie (from Topshop at Nordstrom) which are really easy and comfortable to wear, but there are also a lot of higher-heeled varieties as well. And I feel like a lot of these have a pointed toe, or slightly rounded point, are a simple classic ankle boot style and lean a little toward the dressier side of things. Then you have the combat boots (probably the style I’m loving most at the moment)…..a number of different brands are making white combat boots now, but these AGL ones are my favorite. I absolutely love the cool lucite button detailing that makes them really unique and stand-out. But Stuart Weitzman also makes a cool white combat boot as does Dr. Martens so feel free to check those out too. Finally (and I’m not showing them here), there are some awesome white or cream tall boots out there. Many are of the slouchy variety (which I love) and I actually found a great cream pair at Zara and I also know Marc Fisher and Free People have some really gorgeous ones as well.

Ok so now that we’ve talked options, I wanted to share styling ideas for both white combat boots and white kitten heel booties because they truly are both so easy to wear (and they just add a cool fashion element to even a super-basic look).

Let’s start with the combat boots. I think these are great with everything from jeans and a white button-down, to a tee and moto jacket to a fun (bold-print) midi-dress… I styled with all of them! I love how they just add the cool-factor to the basic white top look, and I also love how they add edge to a feminine polka-dot dress. (And then the moto jacket look falls somewhere right in-between….not totally basic, but not too out-there either.) Which of these looks is your fave? Could you see yourself wearing any of them?

Next, wanted to show you how easy it is to style a simple white kitten-heel bootie and I styled these a few ways too…..first, with a graphic tee, boyfriend jeans and a fab camo surplus jacket (both the jeans and jacket are from Sanctuary Clothing), next with faded black denim and a cute embroidered-sleeve Chicwish sweater and, last (but definitely not least), with my favorite pleated Self-Portrait dress from local Denver boutique A-Line. Again, these can be dressed up or down and go with all sorts of colors and prints. I also think they would look super-chic with an all-black outfit and a fun b&w earring or handbag.

So there you have it. White boots really aren’t so scary….in fact, I think they can actually be an amazing addition to a style-lover’s closet and absolutely make a style statement (you just have to wear them with confidence!)! Hopefully this gives you a few styling ideas and inspo in case you have a pair of white boots in your online shopping cart and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet:) So are you jumping on the white-boot train with me?? Drop a comment and let me know!



PS. Included most all of the items (or similar ones) to make up all these looks in the carousel below, so you can shop them there!

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