Break Time

It has been a LONG time (over 2 months to be exact) since I've written a blog post. No excuses, just honesty....I've been feeling kinda lazy and uninspired. It's not pretty, but it's the truth. I feel like most of us feel like that from time to time, am I right? (I hope I'm not the only one!)

When I first decided to make the transition from basically full-time designing to full-time blogging it was in part because I was feeling uninspired and a little discouraged in the design arena and blogging seemed like a fun escape....full of as much creativity and maybe even more style freedom that I felt when designing. And it really is a blast! I recently had the privilege of being included in a Narcity article featuring women with "badass" jobs in Denver (you can see the article here or on my Press page) and it really is true.....I have a badass job that I love and feel excited to be able to do. So don't get me wrong, working in the blogosphere and influencer marketing space is so much really is an amazing job (especially if you're a style-lover like me), so I hope this won't sound like I'm complaining because I really am grateful! I really love so much of what I do....styling looks, learning about new brands and products and trying them out, working with incredibly talented photographers to create pretty and interesting photos, curating my IG feed, writing blog and IG posts, attending style events and connecting with other amazing bloggers, designers, brands, photographers and creative really is such a blessing. But it can also be a lot of work, and sometimes I get tired and just need to take a step back (fortunately the boss gives me the time off, haha!). I think the thing about this influencer marketing business is that it's all you. You are putting yourself, your ideas and perspective, your photos and often your heart and soul out there for everyone to see and you can't really delegate a whole lot of it (at least I can't). And while it can be absolutely amazing and creatively inspiring, it can also be a little scary, intimidating and sometimes tiring (as any job can be now and then). Sometimes you just need a break. So that's what I've been doing. Yes I have still been keeping up with my IG page (although I'm definitely due for a social media break soon!), but I took a little breather from the blog.

And speaking of breaks.....anyone else in need of a little vacation and so ready for Spring Break?? If you are planning on a sunny, beach or resort vacation anytime soon, you need this amazing palm-print jumpsuit with cut-out detailing, designed by my ultra-talented friend Dana of Never A Wallflower. I am a huge fan of this b&w palm print that she created, and the cut and style of this jumpsuit is really flattering. Plus, I feel like it's super versatile and can be styled so many different ways....scroll down to see how I styled it as a warm-weather resort look with a white wide-brimmed hat and white booties and also as a great spring transitional look paired with a yellow moto jacket, scarf-embellished fedora and black booties. You can find this jumpsuit at Melrose & Madison here in Denver or by contacting Dana through her website at I absolutely encourage you to check out all of her beautiful designs! PS. Not only is she such a creative and talented designer, she is also one of my closest friends and was the one who encouraged me that writing again might help me get over the blog dry spell and give me some creative inspiration... and I think she's right:)

Now that I'm writing this post, it just reminds me how much I do love getting words and thoughts down on paper (even the virtual kind) so I am going to try and be better about blogging more regularly, even if it isn't a sponsored feature. I would love to know what kinds of things you'd like to see as far as future blog you enjoy posts about how to style a piece multiple ways? Or are you into beauty and skincare products and love seeing features on some of those? Or maybe a post about places to brunch or do date night in Denver? Would love for you to drop a comment and let me know!

And thanks once again for reading my posts and following along with really means the world to me!




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