Leather Love with Embrazio

I love local and I love leather. So of course, when I am introduced to a brand that encompasses both (and is handmade), I'm inevitably gonna be a big fan. Plus it doesn't hurt when you feel like you really connect with the people behind the brand. And that's exactly how I feel about Embrazio and it's co-founder Stephanie (she and her husband Scott founded and own the company together). You guys, I spent almost an hour on the phone with Stephanie when we first discussed a collaboration and it was just the easiest conversation and I really felt like we were on the same page as far as how we feel about style, being authentic and producing high-quality work.

If you're not yet familiar with Embrazio, they are a Boulder-based brand (love that they are right here in CO....like I said, I truly love supporting local) that designs and produces beautiful, timeless and ultra-functional leather goods that they hope will become much loved and used accessories in your closet. And I have to stress the beautiful AND functional part, because while they are made of gorgeous leather and beautifully crafted, the obvious thought that has gone into the function is what really impressed me most. 

In browsing their site, I definitely fell in love with the design of their backpacks specifically.....I actually haven't owned a backpack of any kind since college, much less such a pretty one. But even more than the chic look of this bag is the functional design, because this Small Handmade Leather Backpack has extra external pockets in back (perfect for a cell phone or that lip balm you use on the regular...that's what I personally keep in them) and a zippered pocket under the front flap that works great for keys or a key card/credit card. So you don't have to even get into the bag to grab those things, they are super easily accessible. In talking with Stephanie, she was really excited about this smaller version of their backpack design (they have a larger version as well) and she said it is her daily bag since it's the perfect size and is so easy to use (and I definitely agree...it has quickly become my go-to daily bag). 

She also raved about Embrazio's leather belts and really encouraged me to try one. To be completely honest (and I shared this with her as well), I am not a big belt person. Normally I can do without them and have historically only really used them to add shape to loose flowy dresses. But when Stephanie told me how their belts were different - curved in order to fit over the hips and lay perfectly flat against the body (it actually looks wavy when laid flat....see my pic below where I'm holding it) - I agreed to at least try one. And I received their Perforata Curved Belt and seriously I couldn't have been more impressed.....the wavy appearance is so unique and different and it's kind of amazing how it does impact the fit. For a self-proclaimed non-belt-wearer, I think I've been converted. It also helps that I love the metallic gray color and perforated detail and that it can be worn at the waist (great with high-waisted jeans, which are my thing right now), or lower on the hips (very versatile, which is another benefit in my book). You can find this exact gray Perforata belt linked above and I've also included some of their other belts in the carousel below (I'm a little obsessed with their studded belt options). 

Because both of these products are so neutral and classic in design, it was actually hard to decide on how I wanted to style for photos....they can literally be worn with so many things! I decided to go simple with the belt and put it on with my favorite high-waisted "mom jeans", a black off-the-shoulder top and silver pumps. But it could be worn with a graphic tee, denim and moto-boots or even around the waist of a simple slip dress. 

 And being that this bag is an everyday handbag staple and literally goes with anything and everything, I wanted to show it with a couple of different looks. Because I live in athleisure-wear most days, I had to throw it on with what I would wear to barre or pilates (ie, cute leggings, tank and sneaks)....but I also wanted to style it with a silk cami top, black jeans and gold booties to show how it can pair with a slightly dressier look and easily go from day to night. I've linked this small black backpack again here and have also included a couple other Embrazio backpacks below so I'd highly recommend checking them all out (along with all their other beautiful bags).

Basically, I love both of these pieces so much and I know they will be getting a ton of wear for a long time to come. I am loving that this backpack is a chic grown-up version of a style that I've been wanting to try, but was honestly wondering if I was too old to wear.....so I'm thrilled that this one is the best of both worlds (on-trend and ageless). And I was so pleasantly surprised by the belt, both the fit and look of it, that I just may need to collect a couple more in different colors!

So all that to say, if you are a leather-lover and are on the search for a new leather bag, belt or other super high-quality leather products, you really need to check out Embrazio. Plus I think the best part is knowing that you are supporting a small business that really cares about the quality of their goods and puts so much thought into the fit and function of the products they put out there. And they look so pretty too!

If you have any questions about Embrazio or have one of their products, feel free to drop a comment and ask or share! (And again you can shop their products, along with the other pieces to make up these looks, in the carousel below.)

Now off to grab my cute backpack and a coffee and get this week started!



This post was sponsored by Embrazio, but all opinions expressed are honest and 100% my own.